Excel Pixels Publishing and Distribution (EPPD) were established in Abu Dhabi in 2013. In our first six months, we were able to deliver our services to 11
educational institutions within the UAE. That number has grown ever since to reach 41 schools in the UAE, 5 schools in Jordan, and we are expected to
expand our portfolio of services into Oman and Kuwait in 2016. EPPD specializes in providing school curricula for all levels starting from Pre-K
all the way to grade 12. Our main focus is on the subjects of Math, English, Science, Computer Science and Social Studies, and we currently offer the US
Common Core Curricula. Along with our curricula, we also provide teacher aid and training and a variety of e-books for many of our subjects. Although our
focus today is on elementary and high schools, our plan is to provide educational material to universities and colleges within our region by the 3rd quarter of 2016.
Our portfolio includes materials from most international publishers, with the exception of those who have exclusive distribution rights within the UAE. In
addition, we collaborate with our international publishing partners in order to customize any materials so as they fit the requirements of the governing bodies
such as the Ministry of Education or Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC). We are also clients of global shipping agents in the US, the U.K., Greece and
South Korea which enables us to deliver to our clients through sea-freight in a timely and secure fashion. In cases of extreme urgencies, we can arrange for air-
freight deliveries at special rates that ensure minimal added costs while maintaining our high standard of efficiency and security of deliveries.
Catalogs, samples and brochures from all our publishing partners are provided regularly and by default to all our customers. In addition, and at no additional cost
to our customers, EPPD conducts regular training and workshop sessions in collaborations with various international publishers in order to keep school staff
updated with the latest enhancements in the education field.